Author David Marquet to Leaders: Empower Others by Giving Up Control

August 10, 2017

David Marquet’s book “Turn Your Ship Around” is a favorite in the Agile community because it epitomizes team empowerment. David sits down with Agile Amped to discuss his thoughts on leadership, sharing stories of inadvertently becoming the leader aboard the USS Santa Fe, a nuclear submarine. He offers advice to the leaders of Fortune 500 companies, including (surprisingly) letting your waiter order your meal for you the next 10 times you eat at a restaurant. “When you know what it feels like [to give up control], then you know when you’re on the right track.” Learning to lead, he also advocates, is like learning a foreign language: you don’t learn it by going off to on retreats but by doing a little bit everyday.

Howard Sublett hosts with guest SolutionsIQ’s Dan Fuller.

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