Remote Agile Coaching

In this episode, Agile coach Joe Fecarotta hosts, interviewing Caro Paduch who is currently leading the agile transformation for Learning & Leadership Development at Accenture. Fecarotta has been coaching Paduch for the last 18 months in a remote setting, as Paduch is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Over the course of such a long relationship at a distance, the pair and the wider team have learned some valuable lessons about remote collaboration and agile coaching, including:

  • Patience and flexibility are important.
  • Virtual is real too, although because you don’t overlap in person, you may have to force people to open up a little about who they are, their families, and hobbies.
  • When people don’t put their video on in a video call, it can be a sign of lack of trust, comfort, and transparency.

And as Paduch puts it, “When [you] start to trust, that’s when the magic happens.” “Personal connection at a distance is so critical,” says Fecarotta.

Accenture SolutionsIQ’s Joe Fecarotta hosts.

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