In addition to both being professional Scrum trainers with, Ryan Ripley and Todd Miller also co-author the new book “Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems.”

While the book has scrum masters as its primary audience, the authors know that anybody working on or with the scrum team can get value out of it. They share their stories, failures, and successes over their combined 40 years of experience. The duo agrees that some of the worst Scrum anti-patterns arise when the scrum master fails to act as an effective servant leader.


- Todd Miller on meaningful business metrics: “During sprint planning, the idea isn’t just to fill up a plate of work and then everybody disappear and do it, and then if you did all the work, you’re successful.”

- Ryan Ripley on the three aspects of an effective scrum master: “The scrum master has to love their team… want[s] them to be wildly successfully… and finally [has] to have zero tolerance for anything that gets in the way of [the team] being successful.”

Leslie Morse hosts.

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