Our guests Lyssa Adkins and Natalie Warnert sat down to talk about two organizations that are on a mission to give women a voice: Women in Agile and TENWOMENSTRONG.

Women in Agile has grown from its grassroots origins to a non-profit organization with a number of different events and local groups. Their mission is to provide support for more women to build more inclusive conference experiences and provide opportunities to grow in a supportive environment. Read more about our partnership here

TENWOMENSTRONG aims to bring whole-person development and enrichment programs to the Women In Agile community and to encourage women to lead their life with a purpose.

On the assumption that the Agile community is inclusive, Warnert notes: “It comes from your place of privilege: You don’t have to think about the fact that someone is excluded because you’re automatically included.”

Howard Sublett hosts at Agile2018 in San Diego.

How to get involved:

Women in Agile 
Twitter: @NatalieWarnert @womeninagileorg

Ten Women Strong 

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