Agile Amped producer Hanna Gnann attended the Women in Agile Lunch & Learn at Keep Austin Agile 2018, where the topic was sustainable pace. She was impacted by the speaker Tamara Nation, so we invited her to chat with us about sustainability, how to measure it and ultimately how to achieve it. Nation shares her tips, with Gnann providing color commentary, including:

- Balance and boundaries - making intentional choices about what thing you do not do. (Nation has stopped looking at her phone first thing in the morning)
- Connect with nature daily - simple as stepping outside and breathing deep
- Stop and eat - actually making meals a time to care for yourself and build rapport with colleagues
- Take stock of your feelings - track how you are feeling in intense moments; meditation and prayer can help bring you back to center
- Take time off - 50% of Americans don't use their allotted vacation, so this can be as simple as actually using your vacation or taking the weekend to do nothing

Accenture | SolutionsIQ's Howard Sublett hosts at Keep Austin Agile 2018 in Austin, Texas.

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