Dan Montgomery on Combatting Complexity with Simplicity

March 16, 2017

Coach and consultant at Agile Strategies Dan Montgomery offers his insights on three problems with strategic planning today:

1. With all the effort put into planning, the resulting plan is immediately obsolete. Leaders bring in consultants to create an executable plan assuming that the goal won't shift during the long execution process.

2. Because the change is dictated from the top, even Agile transformations aren't Agile in that they don't engage all of the stakeholders in determining the solution. Instead, change management is used to impose the solution on the lower echelons.

3. After all the planning, there's just too much to get done. Agile says, "Start less, finish more" and pull from a backlog. But org plans are so full of details, people get overwhelmed.

Dan suggests combatting complexity with simplicity: "Boil it down to a few small rules people can follow and then let them innovate, let them come up with the details."

SolutionsIQ Chief Technical Officer Evan Campbell hosts at the inaugural Business Agility 2017 in New York City.

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